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🙃WE STILL HERE! FREE SHIPPING for orders over $150 🙃


Yes you heard correctly! We are brave and stupid enough to bring you the ISO extravaganza you really want. 

We’re excited! Slightly nervous that our website will have a meltdown or I will do something stupid with the really important do not mess this up link. You had one job Cass!

But seriously sorry in advance if anything goes wrong. Also remember some of you will miss out on the item you really wanted! I ask that we all remember that it's just clothes, and look you have no where to go anyway so you’ll be right.

Let’s not make this an Aldi special buys moment. Live laugh love and dance like nobody is watching. Best of luck and have fun xx

Wow VH thank you for doing this amazing sale online you are truly great. When does it start? 



Why bother with a subscriber access? 

Obviously because our subscribers are great and we thank you for your support. Also we hope this helps stagger traffic 


It's 8pm Sunday night and ITS NOT WORKING! Please explain!!! 😡

This is a real possibility! Unfortunately we can't call upon our IT department because well it's me. We will do everything possible to make everything the smoothest ever but if we have a hiccup please be patient. I will be posting updates on our Instagram 

We wanted to do this sale to give all our customers a chance to get involved. Also it has helped keep our shop Manager Jess working after closing the store. 


I'm scared I wont get the email for the subscriber access? 

I know emails end up in all sorts of places so I will be sending the instructions for subscriber access a bit before the sale begins. If you have not received it by 7.30pm Sunday please email shop@varietyhourstudio.com


Can I exchange or return my item purchased in the Sample Sale?

Sorry all Sample Sale purchases are final. They cannot be returned for exchange, credit or refund. 


But I'm scared about sizing. How will I know if it will fit? 

We have taken the time to measure every single sample piece. Ridiculous I know! So come prepared with your bust, waist and hip measurement. I also like to measure an item/s of clothing that I love which have great fit around those key areas. 

I have suggested the 'VH Size' on each item to help. 

Here is our size guide


What is a 'Sample' 

We test and sample all our pieces before committing to production.

These are made normally in Size Small (10-12) but sometime in XSmall and Medium. If you see 'sample' in the product title you can assume it will fit between size 8-12. Check out the description for further details. 

Seconds, One Offs and past season will be available in all sizes! 


Hey I was expecting dirt cheap prices??

There will be a range of price points available. If your expecting bargain basement on everything then this is not the sale for you. Some past season stuff will be a maximum 75% off but also some rarities or one off samples that I think are pretty special will be close to the normal cost of that item. 


I had an item in my cart and now I can't checkout etc etc

Please note when placing items in your cart, they are not kept on hold for you. You will have to complete checkout to secure the item 

If you would like to secure an item one at a time we will consolidate and refund your postage cost if several purchases are made. Meaning you will only be charged $5.95 once for postage. We will do this automatically, no need to email. 


Woohoo! I nabbed myself something special. When will it arrive?

We will be packing orders next week. Please allow until Saturday 25th for your package to leave the studio. We will be using Sendle and Auspost who are both experiencing delays