VH Woman: Vivien Hollingsworth

Say hello to Vivien! The founder and creative director of dreamy, Melbourne based floral art studio, Flos. We shot Viv in action at the studio with her cute pup and asked her some questions about life, business and flowers!



Vivien is the founder and creative director of dreamy, Melbourne based floral art studio, Flos.

"I have been working as a florist since 2012, and fulltime for myself since the summer of 2015 when I started Flos."

What is your favourite part about being a florist?

Watching the seasons change! Every week is exciting because our materials and palettes are different.

What's your favourite part about working in the wedding industry?

Making beautiful things! I love making flower magic and i'm just so grateful that people choose to invest in flowers for their wedding. I was never much of a wedding person. Definitely there for the flowers, not the romance. But since I got married last year I have become far more invested in my couples and am just so genuinely excited for them to have the best day!



I imagine there would be some crazy characters in the flower world - is this true?

Yes definitely! The industry attracts pretty intense and passionate people. Especially because of the hours we all have to work!

What's it like doing one of those crazy market mornings?

When my alarm goes off it's always awful. But once I get myself out of bed I kind of like it! I love meeting with all the growers and selecting my palette for the week. And I also get to catch up with my flower friends, which is such a great way to see everyone and keep the industry friendly and close.



What are your hot tips for anyone wanting to become a florist?

Try and get some experience before you invest your time and money into a course. It is an amazing industry and a great job for a lot of people, but it's more than just playing with flowers (more time lifting buckets!). Tafe is a great place to learn the basics. Another great place to start is with local workshops and classes with designers you admire. And, of course, make sure you take the time to play around with flowers yourself to develop your own unique style and approach.

What is your spirit flower?

Hot chocolate roses always and forever! I sneak them into every colour palette I can.