The VH Bakery is now open! 

Serving comfort and style all winter long. 

Inspired by a vintage bread basket poster that lived on Cassie's moodboard for years, the Baker’s Dozen, oops, Bakery collection kneads together nostalgia with modern, wearable verve in 13 pieces including some firsts for Variety Hour. 

“I wanted the collection to be about bread but I didn’t want it to be obvious. Wearable carbs that only on closer inspection resemble bread - I love novelty prints like that” says Cassie. 

With Hayley's delicate illustration style, we crafted a warm palette of oranges and buttery yellows, using watercolours and inks to create a painterly, tonal effect reminiscent of a perfectly toasted slice. And what's bread without its trusty companion? We couldn't resist adding a fancy butter dish to complete the perfect bread and butter print. For the first time, we’ve also experimented with lots of painted checks and ginghams to layer elements of the designs. 

The garment design took inspiration from our love of weekends and anything that entails - from running errands to coffee dates and walking the dog or carb-loaded-brunches and trips to the pub. 

“We love the juxtaposition of complementing the ultra femme with a more casual and sporty aesthetic” explains Head of Fashion, Jess. 

In this collection you’ll find more athletic looks with our debut puffer jacket, new graphic tee and track-pant style trousers mixed with hyper-femme designs like the tie-front dress, Peony Blouse, Gia Skirt and the new shirred puff sleeve dress. Not only does the interplay of the two contrasting styles excite us, it also represents how the modern VH muse is dressing.

Big thanks to our bakery friends To Be Frank in Collingwood for the donation of their left-over bread. 

Preview the full collection here.

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