Our VH Classic Collection is a new project that takes some of our most popular prints and brings them to life in a range of brand new styles. An important part of our ethos has always been challenging the idea that prints and fashion need to be reinvented every season. The current cycle of oversupply, constant sales and fast fashion doesn’t benefit anyone and is changing our relationship with our clothes for the worse. I don’t know about you but I find it so exhausting!

To us, good design should be timeless. It grows on you and you love it even more over time. All VH prints are designed by me (Cassie) and I strive to bring you original and unique prints created to last more than just one 'season'. Our inspiration doesn’t come from trends, but from genuine moments and feelings that inspire my creative process at different times in my life. My goal is always to share a story with you that is true to me.

Creating a Classics Collection has allowed me to keep experimenting and pushing myself creatively while designing our upcoming summer collection as it fits in with my creative process. More importantly I love every single piece in this collection SO much and I hope you do too xx