Variety Hour is a Melbourne based design studio started by textile designer Cassie Byrnes in 2016. As a way to explore her curiosities in fashion print. Years later at its core we remain a textile focused studio, exploring the technicalities and craft of print design and using our products as the canvas.

All Variety Hour prints are hand painted by Cassie using gouache, inks and markers before being digitised and adapted into artworks, homewares and women's clothing. Garments are designed and cut in universally loved and flattering shapes with print as the focus.

Our prints are inspired by everyday life and in-depth themes as broad as prehistoric Australia to Cassie's home in the tropics. Most importantly they tell a story that is true to us at the time and reflects the world we live in.




Each collection is considered and made in small quantities of 20-50 units, driven purely by demand. Recutting when needed. We don’t believe in filling warehouses with stock or the repetitive sale cycle. It’s exhausting and we make a considered effort not to get caught up in the hamster wheel.



Cassie started this business in 2016 and until recently worked alone. As our small business grows to a team we are committed to do better year on year. Getting help and employing a great team means there is more time to reflect and analyse processes within our materials and manufacturing.

We are committed to working towards being more size inclusive so we can make something for as many people to enjoy. We started in 2016 with 3 size ranges and now offer 6 sizes. 

Sizes XS - 2XL are offered in most products. Size 3XL is now being introduced and has proven popular. We will be working on extending our size range every year.

Plus, our sizing is true! When we say 18-20, we mean it! So please check the measurements. 

We are committed to creating our product with greater care, and approach the process with the aim to minimise impact on our planet and people. 

If you want to hear more about VH and the story behind it check out this podcast episode Cassie did with Lucy Feagins of The Design Files.