Palazzo is my love letter to suburbia. A celebration of the timeless beauty that lives deep in the spiraling columns, terrazzo front porches and manicured rose gardens of my neighbourhood.

I live in Brunswick now, a suburb where the iconic architecture and rich culture of mid-century European immigration has created a beautiful legacy in the homes and hearts of those who’ve touched it. The brick facades and balustrades remind me of visiting my Nunna’s (maltese for grandmother) house growing up. You can probably picture her decor in your head, and the warm welcoming energy she had for each guest and of course the table of food ready for anyone who would pop over. 

The warmth. The nostalgia. The loudness. It’s become its own form of Australiana that I was eager to explore. Capturing beauty in the ordinary. 

When a friend came over to visit and called the house ‘our little Brunswick palazzo’, this collection got a name and our Spring 2024 journey began.

The art of this collection is based on hand painted and crafted motifs, symbolism and iconography inspired by suburban beauty. The prints have been refined over time to create a mix that is more minimal than we’ve ever done before but is still loud and proud in our Variety Hour spirit. Embroidery becomes a big feature as we release a dozen new styles that have been designed specifically to hero this new art, as well as a selection of classic Variety Hour cuts.