VH World: Co. Bake Space

Meet Alisha Henderson and Alice Bennett, the creative forces behind Co. Bake Space. Nestled in the heart of Richmond, Co. Bake Space is a deliciously wonderful events and activations space we know you're gonna love.

If you haven't had the pleasure of popping in, Co. Bake Space is a blank (peach) canvas where creatives, brands and makers can bring their ideas to life. The space as described by Alice & Alisha, is luxurious yet approachable, lush yet welcoming. It's a pastel, dreamy haven where creativity can flourish. Home to brands like Mecca, Mosey Me, Bravery Co, Merry People to mention a few, while also hosting their own cake inspired workshops

When they aren't organising their next event at Co. Bake Space, Alisha and Alice are busy crafting their own amazing baked goods. Alisha, the creative mind behind Sweet Bakes, designs whimsical cakes and treats with pastel hues, vintage vibes, pet portraits and more, all with exquisite detail. Alice, the face of Miss Trixie Drinks Tea, creates vibrant, fun, candy-adorned cakes with a playful touch and the occasional pun. Both Miss Trixie Drinks Tea & Sweet Bakes bring your wildest cake dreams to life.

Together, they’re not just bakers—they’re bringing joy and creativity to the Melbourne baking scene. We sat down with them to find out more about how Co. Bake Space was founded and all the fun bits in between.


Co. Bake Space creators Alice Bennett and Alisha Henderson

Can you introduce yourselves a little bit & tell us about how you both met? 

Alice runs the cake business Miss Trixie Drinks Tea and Alisha runs Sweet Bakes. We met each other at a pastry course, and spotted one another from across the room as we were the only ones not dressed in chef whites!

We love that you both are here to spread joy through cake! When did you both first discover a passion for making beautiful cakes & sweets? 

When we were born!


Alisha Henderson and Alice Bennett wearing Variety Hour in their pop up space, Co. Bake Space

What sparked the idea for CoBake Space

We were looking for other creatives, makers and brands to connect with and creating the space facilitates this so nicely. We had no desire to open an actual bakery or cake shop that operated every day so we thought if were to make the prettiest canvas in town, it would facilitate community and connection.

How would you describe CoBake space in one sentence?  

A peachy paradise for playful pop-ups. CoBake Space is so dreamy & lush.

What inspired the aesthetic of the space?

We wanted something that had personality and flare, but we didn't want it to feel cakey or sprinkly. The space had to feel premium and luxurious, we wanted to look at the space through a fashion lens. 

Alisha Henderson and Alice Bennett wearing the Bakery Collection exclusive to Variety Hour Studio

What is it that you love the most about what you do?

Working together! Small business is far more fun with a partner in crime. 

Has there been a standout moment for you so far in connecting so many amazing creatives?

We love that we've had two businesses go on to open their own bricks and mortar stores after testing the waters here with a pop-up! 

We've spotted some Variety Hour on your feed! Do you have a fave print or piece? 

Alisha: Love the Cooktown Orchid

Alice: Obsessed with everything in the new bakery collab, obvs! 

What does the near future hold for Co. Bake Space? 

We're really working on a workshop calendar - we're really hoping to have some incredible facilitators in the space to teach us a thing or two! 

Ready to find out more? You can head check out their next event here or via instagram at @cobakespace.