VH Woman: Amy


Amy is a project manager and plus size fashion influencer with a passion for bold fashion and cute puppies.

Where are you from?

I’m originally from Hobart and I’ve been living in Melbourne for almost 5 years now. I lived in sunny Perth for a couple of years before Melbourne.

Why did you move? And what do you love about Melbourne?

Melbourne is such an incredible city filled with great opportunities, food, the arts scene! Plus all my great friends live in Melbourne, most along the 86 tram line! When I lived in Perth people used to stare at me because I had pink hair, but I love that Melbourne is a city of such diversity and there will always be someone more conservative but also someone more out there! That’s so freeing!



What do you miss about Tasmania?

Being close makes it easy to pop back to visit family and I definitely miss the food (chicken salad sandwiches from Breadd) and wine (Moorilla Praxis Sauvignon Blanc). The natural environment in Tassie is so incredible, and going back to visit after you’ve lived away for a long time makes you appreciate it even more!



What do you do for work?

My regular job is as a project manager for one of the specialist medical colleges. My typical day includes lots of meetings, to do lists and schedules. That keeps me busy Monday – Friday 9-5 and in my spare time I’m a plus size fashion influencer @willowcurves with a big focus on bright colours and having fun with fashion.

What is the best part about it?

I love the mix between strategic (why, where do we want to go, what do we need to achieve) and the operational (how are we going to get there, who do we need to bring along on the journey). My work is always evolving and changing, is constantly challenges me. My favourite thing about being a plus size fashion influencer is engaging with women to view their bodies differently, to view fashion and colour as something fun to engage with and take joy from. The best bit is getting messages from women saying they felt inspired or brave enough to wear something they never thought they could, and how incredible and confident they feel. That’s the magical moments!



You have an amazing sense of style and you’re known for your colourful, bold outfits - what is it about clothing that you love?

I love using fashion to express myself. I love the concept of dopamine dressing - by wearing bright and colourful clothing you can change your mood and the mood of the people around you. By dressing happy you can actually make yourself happy! Life is too short to wear all black all the time!

What advice would you give your teenage self?

Hold onto those clothing items that you love but aren’t in fashion anymore! Trends change and we spend so much time as teenagers trying to fit in, but I wish I kept hold of some of my favourites because they always come back into style. And as I’ve gotten older fitting in with trends is less important.

What are you looking forward to?

This year I made a resolution to see more live music. I’m aiming to go to at least 20 gigs, so far I’ve been to 11 and I have 5 coming up in the next 6 weeks! I’m looking forward to: Olympia, OK Moon, Safia, Golden Vessel and Leisure.

Life mantra?

You do you, and don’t be a dick!




I love watching documentaries, especially natural science, history, archaeology, astronomy. I’ve also been re-watching all the old X-Files episodes, I never watched them as a kid so it’s fun seeing them for the first time as an adult!


I constantly have music playing! It’s so hard to narrow it down, but my 3 current
favourites are: Problem Number 6 – Bruno Pernadas, Nobody – Leisure & Hollow Tree – OK Moon

Guilty Pleasure?

Going to bed at 8pm – does that count? haha

Tell us about your cute dogs

Archie and Emmie are Italian Greyhounds and they’re my little babies! Archie is
almost 4 and is very mellow and independent, he’s a super snuggler and gives the best hugs. Emmie is almost 2 and is high energy but super uncoordinated! Her favourite thing is kisses behind her ear!



Thanks Amy!