Made in Melbourne, Australia

We have an ongoing commitment to support the Australian manufacturing industry in the best way we can, working closely with our amazing partner and Ethical Clothing Australia (ECA) accredited manufacturer, LCN Fashions, who work from Sunshine in Melbourne's West.

An ECA accreditation ensures that our highly skilled Australian workers are paid award wage plus all benefits such as super and are given a safe working environment.

Local manufacturing is important to us as it supports a healthy local economy, creates valuable employment especially in a women dominated industry, fosters our local textile industry that has struggled for many decades, less packaging is used and pollution and factories are held accountable to the strict workplace laws here in Australia.

That’s why producing 90% of the Variety Hour range in Australia is a core part of our ethos, and has been ever since we started making back in 2016.

The other 10% - We get help form our overseas supplier for items that are difficult to manufacture locally like jumpsuits, more elaborate dresses or items with a drawstring. The factory we work with is a small enterprise of 16 skilled craftspeople, who specialise in bespoke production runs of 50, and work specifically with Australian clients like us. 

They are SA8000 and ISO9001 certified manufactures based about an hour by train from Shanghai. The team are aged between 30-50 and are paid hourly. They are paid a living wage which is 5x the minimum wage in China. 

This is a well managed specialty studio that works with smaller minimums and strives to make a great quality product. They fosters employee relationships, a safe clean working environment, optional overtime and are paid holidays. This studio is visited regularly by an Australian agent and audited yearly by SGS an independent third party to ensure they are upholding high occupational and social standards for their employees. 

Our woven throws are made in the USA.

Our posters are printed in Brisbane & Sydney, Australia.

Our bedding is made in India.

Our design, pattern-making and sampling development is done in Melbourne. 

Our packaging, care labels and woven labels are made in Melbourne.