VH World: Cungelella Art

Meet Cungelella Art, a 100% Aboriginal owned family business run by sisters Glenda, Cheryl, Dale and Juanita and based 200km from NT on their Kalkatungu homeland.

Started in 2019 by Glenda as a means for cultural connection and creative expression, one by one, Glenda's blossoming talent for painting sparked the curiosity of her sisters, and before long all four sisters had been inspired to take their own creative journey.

In just three years, Cungelella Art amassed a huge online presence and then watched as it was swiftly taken away from them, when their Instagram account boasting 37,000 followers was hacked and stolen from them. At Variety Hour, we know all too well how much businesses—especially artists—rely on social media, and what a huge loss this would be. 

So, we've teamed up with Cungelella Art to shine a spotlight on this incredible, creative group of women sharing the stories of their Kalkatungu homelands through their artwork. 


(left to right: Juanita, Cheryl, Glenda and Dale)


We are...

Cungelella Art. We are Jaunita Doyle, Glenda McCulloch, Dale Bruce, and Cheryl Perez.

We love painting...

Because it's a time for us to sit and relax and have a debrief with the girls between all the chaos in the world we live in and the bunch of hyperactive, hungry and endless tiffs of all the kids. 



Favourite colours...

We love the earthy brown colours but also a good pink, red, and ochre palette as well.

Our favourite things to paint...

We all paint the landscapes of our homelands.



The best part of Cungelella Art...

We get to work with each other surrounded by our family and have multiple tea and lunch breaks lol. 

The worst part...

There is never a worst as we love everything about being able to spend time doing something we love.



Our inspiration...

We are inspired by our landscape. The rock faces, the sunsets and our native plants that surrounds us on our homelands Kalkatungu Country.



What Cungelella Art means to us...

Cungelella Art to us is family, culture and education. Being able to share our beautiful homelands through art and share with the world.


Thank you Glenda, Cheryl, Dale and Juanita! 

Discover Cungelella Art for yourself by following them on social media: 

Instagram: @cungelellaart
Facebook: Cungelella Art
Website: cungelellaart.com