VH World: The Beautiful Bunch

We met The Beautiful Bunch in their little slice of 75 Reid Street, Fitzroy North after their daily dance of putting together bouquets was well and truly over. A space that only hours ago had buckets of freshly cut flowers climbing the walls was now down to just a few spare stems, which meant they could relax and spend some time with us! 

The Beautiful Bunch is a floral delivery service and social enterprise, supporting young refugee women through skilled employment and community building. We got to chat with three of the five young women currently working with Beautiful Bunch: Rhoda, Randa and Asanti, as well as their manager Jane. 





My name is Asanti

My favourite flower is Orchids

The best part of being a florist is the people.

The worst part is I’m not the best at making the bunches... hehe but im learning.

I'm happiest when I’m chatting away with Jane and wrapping flowers or doing admin work.

I'm inspired by Jane's businesswoman style and social justice attitude.

Go-to happy song Freedom - Pharrell Williams.

The Beautiful Bunch is literally in the name, a bunch of beautiful women coming together from diverse backgrounds to work, grow and boost each other. LOVE IT.




My name is Randa Doar

My favourite flower is a rose. All flowers are beautiful but roses stand out to me especially.

The best part of being a florist is being able to come in and smell the flowers every time just being around them makes me feel calm and relaxed.

The worst part is getting rid of flowers that have fallen off of their stems because of the fact of how heavy they can be, makes it harder continuing a bunch that you’ve already put together.

I'm happiest when I interacted with people, I get a good vibe when I’m around people always.

I'm inspired by seeing people work hard and take value in what they do, makes me want to do the same.

Go-to happy song MHD – A Kele Nta

The Beautiful Bunch to me means making things beautiful (flowers) being beautiful and turning it and creating something special. 




My name is Rhoda Makur

My favourite flower is Hibiscus

The best part of being a florist is getting to curate flower bunches. The process is so intentional and beautiful.

The worst part is cleaning up.

I'm happiest when I’m surrounded by people I love.

I'm inspired by Jane Marx

Go-to happy song Monie by Kanda Bongo Man 

The Beautiful Bunch are a bunch of beautiful people creating beautiful bunches for… beautiful people. 




My name is Jane Marx.

My favourite flower is a David Austin Rose. So quintessentially English! But seriously such a sensual, fragrant flower that I feel really connected to.

The best part of being a florist is working with a natural product. I love the dirt, the mess, the imperfections, even the thorns and foliage we have to take off.

The worst part is waking up at 2:30am to go to the market!

I'm happiest when I am with my family in Tasmania and spending time with my daughters.

I'm inspired by my Melbourne friends who own businesses and despite all the challenges of 2020 have managed to survive!

Go-to happy song Dancing On My Own – Robyn.

The Beautiful Bunch are a group of strong women with big dreams. We love spending time together and doing beautiful, creative work for the lovely people who support us. On a personal note, they are young women who I believe in and who I know can succeed at whatever they put their mind and heart to.



Thank you, The Beautiful bunch! 

Find BB at: 

Website: https://www.thebeautifulbunch.com/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/thebeautifulbunch/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/the.beautifulbunch/?hl=en