We're not a fashion brand

An important part of our ethos has always been challenging the idea that prints and fashion need to be reinvented every season.

All new knits

We've been inspired to create a more elevated jersey offering for those who value styleandcomfort when it comes to winter dressing.Our jersey is silky smooth and doesn't crinkle, making it a perfect companion for holidays, or simply an ideal option for those of us who hate ironing.

The current cycle of oversupply, constant sales and fast fashion doesn’t benefit anyone and is changing our relationship with our clothes for the worst.

"Our inspiration doesn’t come from trends, but from genuine moments and feelings that inspire my creative process at different times in my life. My goal is always to share a story with you that is true to me." - Cassie


Our Fitzroy Store

Drop into our store and say hello:

155 Gertrude Street, Fitzroy

Monday: 11am–5pm

Tuesday: CLOSED

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