How to get the best life out of your Variety Hour

At Variety Hour, we value sustainability and quality. Each of our prints have a story and we want each garment to live the longest life possible.

All Variety garments are rigorously tested and care labels are tailored for each type of fabric. All fabrics are pre washed before production. These are some steps we have picked up along the way that will make sure all your pieces stay beautiful and vibrant for longer. 

Wear More, Wash Less

It is better for both the clothes and the environment. Our garments do not need to be washed after every wear, and instead suggest airing or steaming between wears to keep your garments fresh. If you can, spot wash areas with marks over washing the whole garment.

Washing your Variety Hour:

Washing Powder - We recommend using a Washing Powder over a liquid and recommend against detergents with a eucalyptus base. 

Cold Water - Cold Water uses less energy and is better for the life of your garment as it’s more gentle and will reduce fade. We recommend using a cold, delicate cycle and washing garments alone on their first cycle. Be cautious not to leave your items wet in the washing machine post wash as this can cause dye run. 

Dry Cleaning - Refer to the care labels of all our garments before washing. If it says Dry Clean Only, then it’s not safe for the washing machine. Our silks are the only garments that need to only be dry cleaned. 

We love colour catchers! Available at the supermarket, they lock colour so it stays brighter for longer. 

Caring for your Variety Hour:

Hang Dry - Hang your items and avoid the dryer to hold the garments shape. It saves electricity and avoids fabric deterioration.

Steaming & Ironing - We recommend steaming your garments if you are able to as it is kinder to the fibres of your fabric. Alternatively, you can hang your items in the bathroom as you shower to let them naturally steam. If ironing, turn items inside out to not iron directly on the print, as this can cause colour fade.