After weeks bored in isolation, we quickly grew tired of our surroundings and wanted to jazz up the walls. Many of our customers have messaged feeling the same, so we have selected nine of our most loved prints to release as a range of posters.

It was important to us that our poster store gave you art that was easy, accessible and BIG!


  • Printed on 230gsm paper
  • Original Variety Hour print by designer Cassie Byrnes.
  • Colour is bright and true to each original prints painting.
  • 91 x 61cm, designed to fit in an Ikea frame; view frame options here.
  • We love supporting local professional framers! So that is also a great option if you after a more fancy look.
  • We recommend sending them the tube. We know its tempting to want to peek first but it will be worth the wait!
  • Please note your artwork will be high res and the first product image is website quality

Posters are not available for international orders.


Probably one of the most important paintings in my body of work as it helped shape my style. Painted in 2014 using gouache. I was obsessed with the Protea flower after finding them at a fruit shop, never seeing one in my life pre moving to Victoria. During my studies into Gondwanaland I discovered this beast has been around for 80 million years! Honestly I could go one forever but this is a very significant painting to me that I’m excited to offer Sugarbush as a poster.

Printed in Australia